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We are manufacturers of GPS active antennas for all types of GPS applications including navigation and tracking purposes. ( Also available are GPS with GSM or CDMA dual antennas systems ) Please contact us for special OEM pricing.

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AE-55SP is made to prevent the criminals using signal jammers to disconnect the GPS and GSM communication of GPS tracking system for stealing the truck or it's content
Part Number AE55SP
Price $98.00
12V ~ 24V DC
Detecting Frequency 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz
Alarm Output 1.0A relay, with NO-NC output
3.5" (H) X 2" (W) x 2/3" (D)
This jamming signal detector will not false alarm due to people using Cell Phones, WiFi or Bluetooths
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Please click on the GPS Antenna pictures for more details. If you cant find the type of GPS antenna you are looking for please contact us. We can make any type of GPS antenna to your specifications including just double sided adhesive on top or bottom of the GPS antenna or combined with or without magnet mount.

Different operating voltages 2.7-5vdc, different cable lengths or types of connectors. I.E. SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC, FME, TNC, MCX , MMCX or FAKRA connectors.

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